The Roazhon Japan festival, a day of meetings and activities focused on Japan, is first and foremost a project launched by the Cultural Association of Students of the Franco-Japanese Management Centre (ACECFJM). 

Our history

The ACECFJM was created in 2004 and gathers the students of the Franco-Japanese Management Centre of the IGR-IAE, which is part of the University of Rennes 1. Recognized by the Japanese Embassy in France, this student organization strives to develop the bilateral relations between the two countries and pursues two main objectives: 

• Promoting Japanese culture and Franco-Japanese exchanges through traditional and entertaining activities (exhibitions, concerts, tea ceremonies, etc.) as well as educational events (conferences, professional meetings, etc.) 

• Promote the MAE degree in Japanese Business Management (MAE-MEJ) 

The 31st promotion has 7 active members under the guidance of their Japanese teacher, Marie Kawai, the head teacher, Karine Picot-Coupey, and the president of the CJFM, Vincent Chamaret. 

Project genesis

For a few years now, Japan has been spreading its beautiful cultural waves throughout Brittany and France as a whole. Vannes and Quimper, among others, have their Japanese festival. In Rennes, there was a lack of an event of this magnitude, which could become an annual meeting place for the people of Rennes around Japanese culture.  

It is with this in mind that the students of the MAE MEJ’s 28th promotion have chosen to combine their efforts to organise a large-scale cultural event, an event that we are determined to keep going.  

Why « Roazhon Japan »? 

We have chosen to anchor our event in the heart of Brittany, and in the dynamic and young regional capital that is Rennes. Choosing a Breton name is therefore a tribute to all the people of Rennes, to their football stadium Roazhon Park.  

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