The first edition of the festival brought together many craftsmen, authors, youtubers, musicians and over 600 visitors! 

Roazhon Japan

Various exhibitions (prints, samurai armours, photography), workshops (origami, traditional boardgames, drawing) and shows (Japanese drums) took place. 


A roundtable on « Life and Work in Japan » was animated by two authors (Julien Giry and Angélique Mariet) and an artist who has been an expatriate in Japan until 2019 (Christèle Guerard). The roundtable on « Women in Japan », a topical theme, presented many aspects of Japanese society and highlighted the experiences and views of three women, both French and Japanese.   

The Rennes-based collector Xavier Durand, a specialist in samurai and prints, held a conference. The youtubers and photographers Rodolphe and Amandine presented their documentary « 80 jours Japon », resulting from their journey to discover Japanese crafts. 

Kendo – Conference – Drawing workshop

Finally, all appetites were satisfied by various Japanese food options offered by Nakama and Okami no Enkai.


Full list of guests and activities:  

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